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“If you find you are looking for outstanding care where real “CARE” is the operative word, let me recommend Charlotte to you without equivocation. She became a special member of our family. She can be there for your loved one, too.”
Son, Midwest

References: Testimonials of the Journey*

What do you do when your mother can no longer take care of herself, and you are living thousands of miles away?

“I was lucky enough to find Charlotte St. James, who guided my family through the initial crisis and continued to provide support for my mother during her last years.” (Daughter-East Coast)

“With Mom and Dad living in California, and me all the way on the East Coast, I was worried...Then I found Charlotte...with her skills, patience, and understanding...I could relax.” (Daughter-East Coast)

“As care manager, [Charlotte] routinely coordinates doctor visits, monitors a daytime caregiver and sends us reports on our parents. In times of crisis, we depend on her to be on the spot, handle difficult situations, and serve as our parents' advocates. We would be glad to recommend her as geriatric care manager.” (Daughters-East Coast)




“Charlotte patiently established a bond of respect and trust with our parents who now say they are very happy to have these services.”
Daughter, East Coast

Combating loneliness

“Charlotte provided our mother with warm companionship and contributed enormously to helping her maintain her relationship with the community and the world at large.” (Son-CA)

Rekindling interest in life

“My mother's cognitive impairment led to isolation, boredom, and anxiety. Today, she spends hours enjoying her new pastimes...” (Daughter-CA)

Regaining a sense of independence

“Charlotte's excellent care management was an important part of the successful legal strategy to get the conservatorship removed. Charlotte entered this difficult situation and was able to restore dignity to my friend's life -- which included winning the confidence and praise of both sons.” (Friend/Trustee-Northwest)

Overcoming resistance

“My sister and I, who live in NJ, were very relieved to have Charlotte oversee the care of our parents. Initially, Mom and Dad were quite resistant to receiving any assistance but Charlotte patiently established a bond of respect and trust with our parents who now say they are very happy to have these services.” (Daughters-East Coast)


“Charlotte visited five times a week at the facility where Mother lived, and she joined in family-day events.”
Daughter, CA

Investing time

“Charlotte spent the time that I couldn't afford. She served as my mother's friend. Mother loved dining out and playing cards with Charlotte. On the way home from doctors' appointments, they went 'deer hunting' at a nearby college campus where deer ate grass. (Daughter-CA)

“It is impossible to describe how much Charlotte has helped us! We recommend her, without reservation, to anyone needing a resourceful, smart, intuitive, sensitive, and experienced care manager.” (Daughter-Midwest)

*Names of clients have been omitted to protect confidentiality. However, references are available upon request.