“My mother's cognitive impairment led to isolation, boredom, and anxiety. Today she spends hours enjoying her new pastimes...”
Daughter, CA


Concerned about memory loss? Has a senior family member been diagnosed with Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI)?

Has beginning Alzheimer's symptoms led to changes in your loved one's personality or behavior? Is he/she...?

As the dementia progresses, is more of your time occupied with your aging loved one's basic needs and daily care?



A consultation with Charlotte St James can help you address these questions and search for solutions.

Twenty two years experience in geriatric care management and a background in Counseling Psychology give Charlotte a special understanding of MCI (mild cognitive impairment), and how it relates to quality of life. Her brain fitness program makes use of six areas of human existence: intellectual, emotional, physical, spiritual, creative, and relational. Research suggests that activities in these areas enhance brain health and improve memory. Charlotte has a proven record of finding ways to relate to her senior clients--as one daughter put it, “Charlotte became a friend that my mother looked forward to seeing.”



“I think that for Charlotte, this is more than just a job.”
Daughter, CA